666. The number of the beast
© Bruce Goodman 7 August 2015

(This is story number 666. It needs something sinister to commemorate it perhaps? Reputable scripture scholars are now certain that 666 being “the number of the beast” is a misprint. Another number is to be found in the early Greek manuscripts of the “Book of Revelation” aka “The Apocalypse”, and the number applies more accurately to the Roman Emperor of the time to whose name it actually refers.)

Adelaide and Niall weren’t superstitious, but they were, shall we say, “devout”. They were in search of their first home together. They found the perfect place.

“Oh but darling,” said Adelaide. “Look at the street number! It’s 666. We couldn’t possibly live there.”

“You’re right, sugar-plum,” agreed Niall. “It would be the house of the Whore of Babylon.”

They continued their search and found a place quite nearby. It was number 616.

Hee hee hee!

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