352. Who lives here?
© Bruce Goodman 27 September 2014

Nora and Mervyn had a couple of friends around one Saturday for a few drinks and a BBQ. A merry afternoon was had.

In the midst of it all, a girl, of about seven years, appeared and asked, “Do the Burkin’s live here?”

“No, we’ve never heard of them,” said Nora.

“Thank you,” said the child, returning to the waiting vehicle on the road.

“What a sweet girl,” said Nora.

That evening, there was a knock on the door. Had they been robbed? The entire street had been robbed. Nora and Mervyn’s house, and another two doors down, were the only two not stripped bare. Two doors down was Ngaire and Jack’s.

“We never heard a thing,” said Ngaire. “The only thing we saw was a little girl, of about seven years, who appeared and asked where the Burkin’s lived.”

Ah! It dawned on everyone at once. She was the scout.

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