405. How do you?
© Bruce Goodman 19 November 2014

Caroline came to a realization: she had been trapped in a loveless marriage for a number of years. Her husband Bertrand seemed like a different person from the one she had married. Now, their conversations were more snarls than sentences.

Both seemed to spend more time on the computer. Bertrand surfed in the evenings, and Caroline surfed during the day. They didn’t have a great deal of money. That’s why they had only the one computer.

Anyway, that’s the way it was. Quite horrible really. Most unfulfilling. In fact, stressful.

One day, Caroline decided to search on line: “How do you get out of a loveless marriage?”

She typed in “How do you…”, and the search engine quickly suggested “…get out of a loveless marriage?”

Someone had already typed it into the search engine the night before. It was in its memory.

Caroline wept.

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