404. Quite the worst thing
© Bruce Goodman 18 November 2014

… and then I had the house carpeted. You’ve no idea, with the hassle of having to move furniture. And it took the men two days. I mean where do you eat? The table’s shoved into a corner, and the lounge suite is piled up on top of each other.

But then, there’s the good part. They only had to shave the wood off the bottom of three doors so they could close without scraping the new carpet. But what a mess that made. And I said to Regina, that’s my husband’s great aunt, you’ve no idea of the inconvenience. Of course, she doesn’t have carpet. Just polished wood floors. Quite the worst thing to keep clean. Quite the worst thing.

The carpet I selected is a beautiful grey. It looks lovely, and it so matches the wallpaper. I suppose you don’t have wallpaper? Just paint? I find that wallpaper adds an extra dimension to a room. It’s wool. None of this synthetic fibre that cheap people get. I’m taking about the carpet, not the wallpaper. You get all that static electricity if it’s synthetic.

Excuse me. I wonder if you could stop talking and pay for your groceries and move on. There’s a line of people here waiting to be served.

And then there’s my up-and-coming trip to Canada to see the daughter and grandchildren. Did I tell you about that? The trouble I had booking a flight…

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