400. Man with a sledge hammer
© Bruce Goodman 14 November 2014

Is that the Police? My name’s Jody. There’s a mad man outside my house. He’s ranting and raving. He’s got a sledge hammer and he’s smashing the windows of my car.

I’m hiding in the bedroom. He’s smashed the front door. Hurry! I think he’s in the lounge. He seems to be smashing the walls and the furniture.

Now he’s in the kitchen because I can hear plates getting chucked around. Hurry! He’s smashing everything up with the sledge hammer. All the windows. Everything. The fridge. He’s smashing the bedroom door. HE’S SMASHING THE BEDROOM DOOR! HE’S HERE! HE’S…

Man with Sledge Hammer: Who are you?

Jody: Jody.

Man with Sledge Hammer: I suppose you’re another one of his cheap tarts.

Jody: Whose?

Man with Sledge Hammer: Hamish Brookes.

Jody: Who’s Hamish Brookes?

Man with Sledge Hammer: Doesn’t Hamish Brookes live here?

Jody: Never heard of him

Man with Sledge Hammer: Shit!

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