392. An Oscar for Gillian
© Bruce Goodman 6 November 2014

Gillian couldn’t believe her name had been called. She knew she had been nominated for an Oscar as Best Supporting Actress, but to be named! To actually win! And up against such talent, such as Louise Barrow and Harriet Nankivell!

If she’d known, she would’ve worn something different. She had practised a sweet smile all week. She’d use it when her loss was announced. And the winner is… smile! Smile! But no! It was HER name called. She swept up the steps towards the microphone.

Oh if only she had prepared a speech. But she hadn’t, so sure was she of failure.

I would like to thank Jane and Dorothy and Roger. And also Roy, Peter and Christine. And Alex. Cecil, you charmer! And also thank Clare and Matt and Daphne and Josephine (Jo you’re a wonder!) and Eileen and Ernest and Ethel. Maud, Ross, Gladys, Myrtle, Hazel, Leonard, Ivy, Molly, Tony, Stan, Sue, Lance, Fran, Marianne, Matt (again), Danny, Lionel, Cody and Shay. The list goes on. And Phillip, Francis, Eric, Arthur, Ellen, Shannon, Len and Joy. Sophia, Jackson, Aiden, Liam, Lucas, Noah, Mason, Emma, Olivia, Isabella, Mia, Ava, Lily, Zoe, Emily, Chloe, Layla, Madison, Jayden, Ethan, Jacob, Jack, Caden, Logan, Madelyn, Benjamin, Michael, Caleb, Ryan, Alexander, Abigail, Aubrey, Charlotte, Amelia, Ella, Kaylee, Avery, Aaliyah, Elijah, James, William, Oliver, Connor, Luke, Brayden, Jayce, Henry, Carter, Dylan (did I say that already?), Hailey, Hannah, Addison, Riley, Harper, Aria, Arianna, Mackenzie, Lila, Evelyn, Adalyn, Grace, Brooklyn, Ellie, Anna, Kaitlyn, Isabelle, Sophie, Scarlett, Natalie, Leah, Sarah, Nora, Mila, Elizabeth, Lillian, Kylie, Audrey, Gabriel, Joshua, Nicholas, Isaac, Owen, Nathan, Grayson, Eli, Landon, Andrew, Max, Samuel, Gavin, Wyatt, Christian, Hunter, Cameron, Evan, Charlie, David, Sebastian, Joseph, Dominic, Anthony, Colton, John, Lucy, Maya, Annabelle, Makayla, Gabriella, Elena, Victoria, Claire, Savannah, Peyton, Maria, Alaina, Kennedy, Stella, Liliana, Allison, Samantha, Keira, Alyssa, Reagan, Molly, Alexandra, Violet, Charlie, Julia, Sadie, Ruby, Eva, Alice, Eliana, Taylor, Callie, Penelope, Camilla, Bailey, Kaelyn, Alexis, Kayla, Katherine, Sydney, Lauren, Jasmine, London, Bella, Adeline, Caroline, Vivian, Juliana, Gianna, Skyler, Jordyn, Tyler, Zachary, Thomas, Julian, Levi, Adam, Isaiah, Alex, Aaron, Parker, Cooper, Miles, Chase, Muhammad, Christopher, Blake, Austin, Jordan, Leo, Jonathan, Adrian, Colin, Hudson, Ian, Xavier, Camden, Tristan, Carson, Jason, Nolan, Riley, Lincoln, Brody, Bentley, Nathaniel, Josiah, Declan, Jake, Asher, Jeremiah, Cole, Mateo, Micah, and Elliot.

Gillian got a standing ovation. All agreed: it was the best (and most interesting) acceptance speech of the evening.

Oh! And I almost forgot! Charan, Chandu, Chaytanya, Chabrseh…

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