391. Fancy dress
© Bruce Goodman 5 November 2014

It was the children’s fancy dress party. Sonia sewed and sewed and sewed. Triplet daughters! What else could one do but sew?

Linda wanted to go as a pink camellia; Glenda as a white camellia; Rosa as a red camellia. The dresses were the same, sewn out of dark green fabric. But the flowers! Have you seen the complexity of a camellia flower? Sonia made dozens and dozens. She sewed them on. The three girls were stunning. Stunning doesn’t capture it! A pink, a white, a red camellia! They couldn’t hide their excitement. They couldn’t wait to attend the fancy dress.

But wait! What about young Allan? He too had to go to the fancy dress. Sonia had spent all the time on the girls. What could Allan wear?

Quickly, Sonia stapled together a few pieces of cardboard. She made a pointy hat. She scribbled the word TOOTHPASTE down the front.

“There!” she said. “You can go as a tube of toothpaste!”

Allan thought his costume sucked. But he didn’t mind too much. He was a boy.

At the fancy dress, everyone paraded around. The wife of the deputy mayor was the judge. She was highly qualified: she was the wife of the deputy mayor.

“And the winner is…”

The triplets were on tender hooks.

“The winner is…”

Allan didn’t mind at all. A few bits of cardboard stapled together wouldn’t win.

“The winner is Dorothy! The Turkish Delight Candy Bar!”

Everyone clapped. That’s the way life is.

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