208. Fleas!
© Bruce Goodman 6 May 2014

Seventeen year old Gloria was popular at the beach resort that summer. And not just with the boys. There was a reason for it.

Every evening on the beach stage there would be entertainment of some sort or other. They had a teenage talent quest. Some sang. Some danced. Some played an instrument. Gloria recited a monologue. It was about circus fleas doing tricks. It was funny. The audience were in stitches. Gloria took first place.

Wherever she went on the beach, people would come up to her and say, “Loved your bit about the circus fleas!” And she was very popular with the boys too, for she was talented AND pretty.

Then came the beauty pageant. Young women flocked to strut the stage in their swim gear. Buoyed on by her success with the talent quest, Gloria threw on her bikini and paraded on stage.

All the boys whistled and called out “Fleas! Fleas!” It was all good fun. The audience laughed. Gloria was even more popular. She enjoyed the joke. Standing in her swimming trunks she was made to recite the flea monologue again, right in the middle of the beauty pageant.

She was a good sport.

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