207. Unplanned unwanted
© Bruce Goodman 5 May 2014

Philip was unplanned. His father wore a condom and I was on the pill. He’s the last thing we thought would happen. He was unwanted. Of course, these days I would have gotten an abortion, but not back in those days. Back in those days it was a lot harder to get rid of an unplanned foetus by aborting it. I thought about it, but it was very insanitary.

Then, of course, we thought about getting it adopted out, but it was too much hassle. Little did I know that it was a lot more trouble having a kid around. Ruined the summer vacation having to put up with it. We tried to farm it out over each summer, and that left us free to do the things we wanted to do. But sometimes we couldn’t find anyone to take it off our hands.

We’ve always been honest with the kid. It’s the modern way. We tell it like it is. He wasn’t wanted or planned. I learnt a good lesson on that one. You can’t go back, but I’d go back tomorrow if I could and fix up the mess. That way my life wouldn’t have been so stuffed up.

And now today, he still hasn’t grown up and he’s twenty-four. Thank goodness the loony bin we’ve put him in doesn’t encourage visitors.

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