255. On the rise
© Bruce Goodman 22 June 2014

Mona had been interested in issues of justice and human rights ever since, at the age of sixteen, she won a United Nations’ essay competition. In it she suggested that a good way to lower the world’s population was to give a free television to low-income males who volunteered to have a vasectomy.

And now she was elected to parliament! Her big concern was for the health of poor families. She introduced a Private Member’s Bill to parliament that banned those cheap roadside vegetable stalls. They were unhealthy. And there was no way the government could tax these cash-only-under-the-table road stalls. Unhealthy too were cheap food stalls at markets and school fundraising galas.

The ban was passed into law. Mona’s political star was on the rise. Next she would tackle the growing problem of poor children coming to school without having eaten. A hefty fine for the parents would perhaps encourage them to feed their kids.

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