248. Father's Day
© Bruce Goodman 15 June 2014

Michael was a solo Dad. He had three young daughters. He always liked to get up early and get things done before the girls got out of bed.

But today was Father’s Day. He had to lie in bed for an inordinate amount of time. He could hear the three girls in the kitchen preparing him breakfast in bed. He couldn’t think of anything worse. Burnt toast. Crumbs in the bed. Soggy cereal. Out of sight strong coffee with far, far too much sugar. And there! It arrived on a tray.

“Surprise!” they all chorused. “Happy Father’s Day!”

So then, when that was done, he got up and got them their breakfast. And did the laundry, and cleaned the house. He always did that on a Sunday. Then he made them lunch and they played outside.

In the afternoon, he took all three to see the latest Disney movie, and on the way home they stopped at McDonald’s.

The girls thought they’d given their Dad the best Father’s Day in the world. And they probably had.

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