247. Flower show
© Bruce Goodman 14 June 2014

It was the city’s annual “Flower” Show. Daphne took the microphone:

Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome! Violets are over by the wall. There’s Irises in the middle here. And then the rest are to where I point:

- Daphne
- Jasmine
- Blossom
- Rose
- Rosemary
- Daisy
- Lily
- Heather
- Poppy
- Pansy
- Holly
- Myrtle
- Olive
- Ivy

Have I left any out?

A woman spoke up. “Hyacinth,” she said.

Ah yes! That’s a new one. Any other omissions?

Another woman raised her hand. “Elizabeth,” she said.

Elizabeth? said Daphne. Elizabeth? Elizabeth is not a flower. You’re not meant to be here. You have to be named after a flower. This is a fun meeting of the City’s “Flowers”, you Ning-Nong.

“Then I shall be a forget-me-not,” said Elizabeth.

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