286. Amelia's bad luck ends
© Bruce Goodman 23 July 2014

Amelia decided that bad luck must have its limits. It couldn’t go on, incident after incident, making her life miserable from one day to the next.

It had been their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, several months back, when her husband, Turnball, announced he was leaving. He got in the car and drove off. Then her only child, Avery, announced he was off to live in Labrador.

The list went on. Not everything big; often quite small, but depressing nonetheless: she dropped her toast, she spilt the milk, the car got a flat tyre, the cat died.

Well, today, the bad luck would change. Amelia said enough was enough. It was hosing down with rain. She put on her raincoat, grabbed her umbrella and went for a walk in the nearby botanical gardens. She fed the ducks some stale bread.

The rain stopped. The sun came out. A man called Sebastian came up to her and said a cheery “Hello”.

It changed her life. My goodness! Did it what!

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