117. Photos of grandma
© Bruce Goodman 4 February 2014

Years ago, Linda’s mother and father had purchased a very up-to-date camera that took coloured photographs. From the time she was born, Linda’s life was captured, and printed off, in colour.

For her twenty-first birthday, her mother carefully put together a montage of the photos of Linda taken over the twenty-one years of her life. She put them into an album and displayed it for all to view at Linda’s party. Afterwards, she gave Linda the album.

Linda was embarrassed about the way she looked in the photos; her hairstyles, her clothes, her handbags, her shoes, even her posture. Everything was so out-of-date. She took the album home and threw it in the fire.

A few short years later, Linda’s grandchildren had no clue as to what their dead grandmother looked like.

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