115. Cheap Jewellery
© Bruce Goodman 2 February 2014

Kathleen taught at a school. The school librarian’s name was Audrey. Audrey always wore too much make-up and lots of cheap jewellery.

One day, Kathleen was invited to a birthday party with a fancy dress theme. She didn’t know what to wear as a costume. In the end, she asked Audrey if she could borrow some of her jewellery for the party.

Audrey was only too pleased to lend some jewellery. At last there was someone on the staff who appreciated the effort she went to, to make herself look nice.

Later that day, during a coffee break, another teacher said to Audrey: “Did you hear that Kathleen has been invited to a fancy dress party? The theme is priests and prostitutes. She’s looking for some tasteless jewellery.”

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