443. Camp dessert
© Bruce Goodman 27 December 2014

Charlie was going on a school camp. He was twelve. There were about one hundred and twenty other students. Everyone had a different task to do while they were on camp. For example, they were there for five days; that meant having to prepare fifteen meals, supervised of course. Charlie’s name was drawn to prepare dessert for Wednesday’s evening meal.

“No sweat,” said Charlie. He’d cooked often enough at home. He knew how to do it. He didn’t need to be supervised. He would cook his favourite dessert. Just multiply the recipe for six by twenty, and it would be enough for everyone. He would make a Warm Fudgy Pudding Cake.

2 tsp of baking powder becomes 40 tsp. Except, Charlie thought tsp was tablespoon and not teaspoon. And he thought baking powder was baking soda. In went forty heaped tablespoons of baking soda.

The dessert began oozing out the cracks in the ovens. It plopped onto the floor. It filled the entire ovens’ cavities. The camp kitchen was awash with fluffiness.

No worries. Charlie discover when he took the dessert dishes out they fell back into the right size.

Dessert was served. Everyone loved it. Everything was chocolate and fizzy.

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