434. Jet propelled suit
© Bruce Goodman 18 December 2014

Luqman was a bit of a crank; in the Disney Gyro Gearloose sense. Not that he was an anthropomorphic chicken; anything but. But he was a clever inventor. A bit of a loner at times; a bit in his own world; nice enough.

Yes, a bit of a crank.

The thing was, he invented this very light suit you could slip into and it had some sort of propulsion that meant you could fly. It was highly secret. He’d be up in the air going this way and that. The invention needed some refining. For example, the steering needed working on. Luqman could fly in great circles and the like, but as for flitting down a skinny avenue, that was another story.

Don’t get me wrong. Luqman had the skills to refine this invention of his. But there are always those who want to shoot down the tall poppy, and Luqman was shot down in flames.

Being Iraqi, these days it’s not the time to be testing a flying contraption.

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