320. Heritage plants
© Bruce Goodman 26 August 2014

Grandma Magda loved her garden. It was flowers, flowers, flowers. But she had a special patch. Magda belonged to the Heritage Plant Society.

The Society was for enthusiasts of old plants. They would rifle old gardens and derelict areas for long forgotten flower varieties. These heirloom plants had perhaps been developed and replaced by newer, brighter strains. The Heritage Plant Society would gather the seeds of the old-fashioned plants, sow them, and preserve the genes of the abandoned strains. They were just starting to pop up in the garden now. How exciting!

Isabella, Grandma Magda’s teenage granddaughter, came to stay.

“What a pretty garden, Grandma!” said Isabella.

When Grandma went to town for groceries, Isabella thought she’d give Grandma a nice surprise. She weeded the garden.

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