315. Dinner suggestions
© Bruce Goodman 21 August 2014

Leonard couldn’t make up his mind as to what to have for next Sunday’s dinner.

Should he have crumbed fish with French fries? What a terrible thought; that was what his wife and two daughters had eaten before they were found lying dead in a pool of blood. He couldn’t eat fish or fries, ever, ever, ever again. The thought of such food made him retch.

What about a delicious roast dinner; roast lamb perhaps, with mint sauce and roasted vegetables? It would make him feel too heavy, too bloated. Anyway, it took too long to prepare and cook. He felt like eating something lighter. Something not so serious…

Maybe chicken drumsticks, mashed potato and gravy, and coleslaw? No! Too much like a take-away. But what then for dinner?

“Have you made up your mind what you want for your last meal?” asked the prison warden.

“Yes,” said Leonard. “I’ll have what ever the State Governor’s having.”

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