306. Famous Five go hunting
© Bruce Goodman 12 August 2014

Enid Blyton’s Famous Five were all grown up. Well, Julian, George, Dick and Anne were grown up. Timmy, the dog, was long dead.

It was the hunting season.

“Let’s go hunting,” said George.

“Goody! Oh goody!” said Anne excitedly.

Out they went through the fields. Julian shot a rabbit!

“Hurrah!” shouted Anne. “Rabbit stew!”

Dick shot a duck!

“Hurrah!” shouted Anne. “Roast duck!”

George shot a hedgehog! You can’t eat that!

Then Julian shot three more rabbits and a field mouse.

George shot a squirrel.

Dick shot a feral cat.

Julian shot a fifth rabbit.

What an adventure!

Beatrix Potter was furious.

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