198. Oh-di-lay-ee-ay
© Bruce Goodman 26 April 2014

Helga got a book for her eleventh birthday on how to yodel. Her friend Lorna gave it to her as a joke.

Helga read it. She secretly practised yodelling in her room. Lorna didn’t know.

Lorna always won the school’s annual talent contest, because she could play bits of Für Elise on the piano. When it came to Helga’s turn, Helga blew everyone’s socks off with her yodelling. She got first prize and the cup that came with it.

“Where did you learn to do that?” Lorna asked.

“I learnt it from the book you gave me for my birthday,” said Helga.

Lorna was furious.

“Oh-di-lay-ee-ay, di-lay-dee-oh, de-lay-ee,” sang Helga.

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