191. It looks like rain
© Bruce Goodman 19 April 2014

Noah thought it looked like rain.

“It looks like it might start hosing down any minute,” said Noah. “Let’s hope the kids get here before the skies open up.”

“They should be here by now,” said Noah’s wife. She was starting to get worried.

“You’re a terrible worrier,” said Noah. “They’ll be fine.”

“But they have to cross a stream to get here. What if it floods? What if they get wet?”

“They’ll be here any minute for sure,” said Noah. “It hasn’t even started raining yet.”

Suddenly, their three sons appeared on the brow of a nearby hill.

“There they are!” exclaimed Noah’s wife. “Thank goodness!”

Noah had already prepared for departure.

“Did you get the pair of geckos you were looking for?” asked Noah.

“Yes! Got them!” said one of the sons. “A boy and a girl.”

“Good,” said Noah. “Everything’s ship-shape. Now let’s get in.”

They all piled in ready to set off.

“That was one of the best camping trips we’ve ever had,” said Noah’s wife, Lorraine.

“And we got our pet geckos,” said one of the sons.

“Just in time,” said Noah, as great big plops of raindrops began to fall on the car window.

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