177. Flat Battery
© Bruce Goodman 5 April 2014

Dilly was just beginning to recharge the flat battery in her digital camera when a fleet of UFOs swept across the horizon. One briefly landed in her garden. A little pink and purple personage emerged and said, “May I pick some of your tulips to take back to (it sounded like) Phackthissisalowdovkrapp?”

“Feel free,” said Dilly. The alien blew her a kiss. “Would you like to take a photo of me holding your flowers?” asked the alien kindly. “By way of thanks.” The alien had already picked half a dozen.

“My camera battery’s flat,” said Dilly.

“Oh well,” said the alien. “I was just trying to help.” The extra-terrestrial creature disappeared into the spacecraft with the tulips and flew away.

“Them’s the breaks,” thought Dilly.

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