21. I'm only allowed one
© Bruce Goodman 31 October 2013

Alma always had an extremely large amount of candy ready on Halloween. It filled a huge mixing bowl. Usually no one called to trick or treat, and she would spend the next several weeks having to chew through all the confectionary herself. She loved Halloween. It brought back happy, happy childhood memories, but her teeth were well past being able to safely chew a chewy caramel. Next year, she wouldn’t buy so much.

Orlando was four years old. He dressed as Batman for Halloween. He had a bag for his collected goodies. His Dad drove him down the street and waited in the car to watch at each house. Orlando walked up the path and knocked on Alma’s door.

“Trick or treat!” he said.

“Oh! Look at you!” said Alma. “It’s Batman! I’ve got something for you.” She grabbed the bowl of candy. “Here! Take a handful.”

Orlando’s eyes widened. “My father said I was only allowed to take one,” he said, selecting the chocolate in the shiniest wrapping.

“Go on,” said Alma. “Take two!”

“My father said I was only allowed to take one,” repeated Orlando. He was tempted, but didn’t. “I’m not allowed to take two.”

“What a dear boy!” exclaimed Alma. “Let me do it for you.” She tipped the entire huge bowl of candy into Orlando’s bag. He could hardly carry it.

Orlando had a hard time convincing his Dad that he really did try to take just one.

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