22. Audrey Loved Butterflies
© Bruce Goodman 1 November 2013

Audrey loved butterflies — ever since as a kid one landed on her face at the nearby Tropical House of Butterflies. She loved its soft fluttering on her cheek. A butterfly kiss! She loved it when butterflies landed on the backs of her hands. She laughed when they danced around her hair. She called it the joy and laughter of butterflies! And it cost only a dollar for children, so she visited the Butterfly House often.

She kept caterpillars at home too, and tended them carefully until each formed a chrysalis. Then she would hang them in rows on sticks, with a dob of honey as a glue to hold them.

When butterflies emerged she would open the windows and lead them to freedom.

She wrote a butterfly poem that wasn’t very good, but it was published in the horticulture page of her local newspaper:

Butterflies are freer
Than you and me are.
They see with different eyes
And dance in the skies.
If only I could do that.

When she left school, she applied for a job at the local Tropical House of Butterflies, but they said they didn’t employ blind people.

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