39. Little Notes
© Bruce Goodman 18 November 2013

Colin was such a romantic! He was always doing romantic things, such as leaving little notes on the kettle for Yvonne to find after he’d left for work.

I love you.
Go to the florist and give them your name.

Yvonne felt she was living in a romance novel. They had been together for eight months, and every day was another page. Her heart was on fire as waves of passion swept over her. She became intoxicated with love realizing they were made for each other forever. She had caught a falling star and he was the radiant sun that had filled her life with beautiful moonlight. Yes! Those little notes that Colin left around certainly did the trick.

What’s this? Colin has placed another little note in the crossword page of the Country House and Patio magazine he had bought and left on the coffee table. He knew she loved crosswords. What a trick! There on the crossword page! As simple as that! It read:

Will you marry me?

Yes! Yes! Yes! wept Yvonne with joy, clutching the magazine, clutching the note, hugging her teddy bear, hugging any and every thing. Yes! Yes! Yes!

She would prepare a special dinner. This wasn’t a dial-a-pizza dinner day. This was a complete roast — with wine, and candlelight, and soft music. Or a steak! Maybe a steak? She’d plan a menu and go into town to buy for it. And dessert! What to do for dessert? Ah! She would ice a dessert cake so it read Yes! Yes! Yes! She would surprise him with her own reply note in icing!

The phone went. It was Colin.

Was she coming into town today? If so, could she drop into his workplace with the magazine he’d left behind. He’d promised it to Dorina in the office. And, oh, by the way, he was working late again tonight.

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