77. Day after Christmas
© Bruce Goodman 26 December 2013

Vivienne always enjoyed Christmas Day. Her daughter and two sons would arrive with their families. They would spend the day together.

What a pleasure to watch the grandchildren excitedly open their gifts. She wanted them to have happy Christmas memories. How exciting to open one’s own gifts! And then the joyful Christmas dinner! The Christmas tree lights. The carols playing in the background. It was always beautiful. Vivienne loved it.

The day after Christmas, they had all gone home. The dishes were done. Most of the leftovers had been allotted to be taken away by this or that family member. The wrapping papers and ribbons and boxes had gone. Just the lovely tree, with its pretty lights, remained.

Vivienne sat at her dining table and remembered with gratitude. Ah! All the happy Christmases over the years! And today, not yesterday, was the time to remember. Five years ago her husband had passed away suddenly on Christmas Day.

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