75. Nativity Facebook
© Bruce Goodman 24 December 2013

Have arrived in Bethlehem. Place is hectic, with census going on - Joe

What’s the weather like there? – Ruth

Pretty cold. Looking for place to stay the night – Joe

How’s Mary? – Andy

She’s fine. A bit tired though - Joe

Found a place for the night. You won’t be impressed. LOL An old stable – Joe

It’s better than nothing – Ruth

I guess – Joe.

Wait. Things are starting to happen here – Joe

What’s happening? – Rachel

Let U know later. A bit chaotic here – Joe.

Boy or girl? – Andy

Don’t know yet. Could be a while. Probably won’t know till morning apparently. This stable is packed: animals, us, angels, shepherds. Apparently three kings are on their way. Crowded out like you wouldn’t believe – Joe

Why all the fuss? – Rachel

The shepherds are decorating the stable with poinsettias, a tree with baubles, snowmen, Santas and holly leaves. Looks quite nice, but goodness knows why they’re doing it! LOL – Joe

Let us know as soon as something happens. Send a pic – Ruth

Will do – Joe

Got a name yet? – Andy

If it’s a boy, Mary wanted to call it Humphrey. I said it’s not catchy enough. Great Scott! Wait! It’s a ...

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