61. Lolly Scramble
© Bruce Goodman 10 December 2013

Ted rode a little motor scooter. The Women’s Guild at the local church had a brilliant idea; they would ask Ted to be Santa Claus for the parish Christmas gathering. He could dress as Santa, ride out onto the sports field nearby on his scooter, and scatter lollies for the little children.

Ted agreed.

He rode out onto the field chased by dozens of little pitter-pattering feet racing for the candy. Santa beat them there on his scooter, and began to scatter the goodies from his bag, tossing them into the air.

The excitement!

A girl of about fifteen or sixteen years raced onto the field. She began to put her hands into Santa’s candy bag, scooping the goodies out, filling her pockets. Santa saw red.

“Piss off, you selfish bitch,” he said.

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