2716. Hip Hip Hooray!
© Bruce Goodman 6 May 2023

King Giles III was about to be crowned. His family were sitting in the front row of the ancient abbey, except for Larry the wayward son, who was ten rows back.

What an absolutely splendiferous occasion. There were trumpets and trumpeting and choir boys singing higher than ever before. In fact Lady Marion Schmuck thought that a flock of sparrows had somehow made their way into the rafters of the abbey. Although cell phones were forbidden, every second duke, earl, viscount, president, dame, and whatever were flashing away. The Archbishop of Canterbury placed the crown on King Giles head. The moment was too majestic (and sacrosanct) for applause. In the ensuing silence the voice of a little boy was heard throughout the abbey:

“Mummy, why is the King wearing no clothes?”

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