2715. Despicably-rotten
© Bruce Goodman 5 May 2023

Don’t get me wrong. Nikita was alert as can be; it’s just that she was paralysed from the neck down. It had been a terrible accident. She had lost her ability to move and her ability to speak. She was trapped in her own body.

But that wasn’t the worst of it. After several gruelling months in the hospital her parents came and took her home. Except – they weren’t her parents. She didn’t know where her real parents were. These “pretend parents” took her home because they wanted the government handout and the compensation. They got it. And boy! did they spend it on their despicably-rotten real-life daughter named Matilde.

Nikita was propped up each day in front of the television. Day after day she saw the same advertisements and the same repeats. It was an excruciating cross to bear. You’d think being doctors her pretend parents would know better, but Matilde (their despicably-rotten real-life daughter) was going blind. Apparently Nikita was a compatible organ donor.

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