2717. Theatre Monologue Darling
© Bruce Goodman 7 May 2023

It is the year 2138 and something terrible has happened to me, my Darlings. Possums, I emptied my brain configuration, memories, and personality into a storage facility. I was to get a new body. Once my new body had been formed, Honeybuns, I would plug myself into the storage facility and download myself again. But OH DEAR, Sweet Peas!

Snuggle Bunnies, I had just finished downloading when another stored personality overran me and swept into my new body. Oh woe is me. It was the personality of a rather camp actor from Hollywood, my Darlings. I am no longer truly me. I inadvertently applied to star in a rather risqué movie and now, Poppets, I’ve got to learn a whole lot of smutty lines.

Sweethearts, life in 2138 is not necessarily easier than a hundred or so years ago. Now I’ve really got to dash. Goodness knows what my wife is going to think, my Darlings. I don’t want to be late for the rehearsal. Too-da-loo, Sweetie Pies.

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