2641. An exciting cruise
© Bruce Goodman 17 February 2023

Thank goodness Hubert and I booked our Caribbean cruise before David took ill. It would be a bit on the nose to book a luxury three weeks on an ocean liner once news came out that our son has terminal cancer. Still, it’s a bit of a worry that he might die while we’re away. We’d possibly have to fly home and it could ruin our long-planned adventure.

Mind you, David hasn’t really made much of his life so attendance at his obsequies could be debatable. It’s not as if he would be alive to notice we’re not there, and the few friends he has are so insignificant they probably wouldn’t even notice.

We wanted David to be a doctor or a football star. Something like that. But he not only failed Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics at school, but he didn’t even make the bottom sports team. He ended up getting a job at the local museum. Goodness knows what he did all day. Everything is dead and in glass cabinets. There’s nothing to do.

I’m about to go shopping for our Caribbean cruise. Hubert wants something nice to go swimming in and I want a couple of pretty sun dresses. Something brash and Hawaiian I think. Something that will make a splash. Although I’m not sure which island in the Caribbean is Hawai’i.

Mind you, I joked to Hubert that what I’m buying would hardly be clothes one would be seen dead wearing at a funeral, but if we do go to the trouble of attending the funeral at least everyone will notice that we’re there. In fact, if we tell everyone to wear something bright and cheerful I won’t have to change out of my Hawaiian get-up!


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