2640. Back street triumvirate
© Bruce Goodman 16 February 2023

It caused a great deal of anticipation when Nadia said she would cook dinner. The three widows, Beth, Angela, and Nadia, had all ended up living on the same little back street. They had quickly become friends – of sorts.

Every month or so they would meet to share a meal. The first time it was a Beth’s place. The second time it was at Angela’s place. Nadia seemed a little reluctant to take her turn, and then suddenly one day she announced she would cook. Judging from what she said, she was an excellent cook, having worked as head chef in an exclusive restaurant for many years before retirement.

It was therefore with considerable anticipation that Beth and Angela arrived at Nadia’s place.

“Well,” said Nadia. “Where’s the food?”

“The food?” asked Beth and Angela.

“I said I would cook,” said Nadia. “I presumed you were supplying the food.”

Needless to say – but it will be said anyway – the little back street triumvirate didn’t survive for long.

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