2642. A can of worms
© Bruce Goodman 18 February 2023

Just because we are a whole lot of wriggling worms all crammed into a confined space doesn’t mean to say we’re unintelligent, dumb invertebrates. What people don’t seem to realize is that we work as a team, rather like ants or bees. We should be viewed as a collective entity. Each individual worm contributes to the whole. Indeed, we’re not a mere collection of disgusting worms in a box. Our aim if we work cooperatively is to take over the world.

It helps that we’re hermaphrodites, especially when crammed up into such a restricted space. You never know if it’s a boy or a girl you are wriggling next to. It doesn’t matter. It enables us to multiply exponentially. We’ll take over the world at the drop of a hat.

Several million of us have volunteered for this mission. In fact, there are quite a few boxes of us making our way to a fertile plain where we can set up base. Not every box of worms will make it to the planned destination, but hopefully a couple of boxes will arrive intact.

Already word has it that the air force has shot down three or four of the balloons that were carrying us to our journey's end. Whether or not any worm communities survived the thousands of feet fall into icy waters remains to be seen. Even the balloon we made disguised as coming from China has been shot down. It was to be the masterpiece of the revolution.

The glorious thing is that the Government is utterly bamboozled by us. They can’t work out why worms should be ballooning through their airspace. Hence they are too afraid to announce anything to the public. They would look silly if they simply said that each balloon was carrying a can of worms. Hopefully we can get other communities of worms around the world to join our revolutionary collective. And when we do…

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