2706. The pies have it
© Bruce Goodman 26 April 2023

You have to give credit where credit is due. Bianca made the most incredible pies. She had a reputation for her pies right through her side of the town. To get invited to one of Bianca’s pie soirees was a treat.

“Your pies are to die for, Bianca,” gushed Alannah Pinkum. “I don’t know where you find the time to create such masterpieces.” Of course, it wasn’t simply the taste of Bianca’s pies that enraptured her fans, it was the presentation. Perfect! Simply perfect!

These occasions were always held in the early evening. No one ever turned it down. Except for Mr. Vernon Clydesdale; he had to go to work at that time.

“Can’t you hold one of your pie soirees on a weekend, Bianca?” Vernon asked.

But no! Bianca had the weekends off. Never on a weekend.

Besides - between you, me, and the wall – the pie shop on the other side of town wasn’t open on weekends.

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