2707. Brave new world
© Bruce Goodman 27 April 2023

Henrik didn’t realize until his early twenties that he was actually a space alien. His parents were extra-terrestrials visiting Planet Earth when Mrs. Qhommaex gave birth. There was no room for babies on the return flight, so Mr. and Mrs. Qhommaex put their baby up for adoption.

Henrik had gone all his life not knowing his origins. It was only when he started doing mysterious things that he began realizing he was different from humans. For example, he didn’t have to open a door to walk through; he could sweeten sour grapes and sour apples with the wave of a hand; he had to purposely include mistakes in the Calculus papers he was studying at university (getting 100% in everything could arouse accusations of cheating).

It wasn’t his adopted parents who revealed to him the reality of who he was. In truth, they probably didn’t know themselves. Henrik discovered his true identity when he bumped into a man at the railway station who knew the facts, cornered him, said “Excuse me”, and proceeded to inform Henrik of his heritage.

For a few days Henrik lived in a sort of daze. Nothing seemed real anymore, but after a while he got used to the idea and began using his powers to his advantage. People began realizing that his superhuman capabilities were not earth-bound. In fact, as word spread, more and more people grew afraid.

Enough is enough! Maisie Smith attended one of Henrik’s huge rallies. He was running for election on the local Town Council. Maisie pulled a handgun out of her purse and fired four bullets into Henrik’s head and chest. Nothing happened. The bullets went straight though him like he wasn’t there. In fact he wasn’t there. He was a mixture of hologram and artificial intelligence. The extra-terrestrial’s technologies were centuries ahead of what were known on Earth. Years before, Mr. and Mrs. Qhommaex had returned to Earth and collected their son. They left behind a pretend replacement.

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