2705. The Last Post
© Bruce Goodman 25 April 2023

Marco was a keen trumpet player. He was in the school orchestra. He played in the school’s brass band. His father was a grouchy old man. He was forever saying, “Stop blowing on that thing and get yourself an after-school job. I’ve a good mind to stop paying for those waste-of-time lessons.”

Marco’s opportunity came when there was a military funeral in the village. Old Hank had played the Taps at every military funeral for forty years. He took sick and died. There was no one to play the Taps as his own graveside. Marco volunteered.

After that he earned $20 for every funeral he played at. Sometimes he was even let out of school for the occasion.

His father thought it was great. “At last you’re bringing in some money from blowing that thing. You’ll be making enough to pay me back for all those lessons I forked out for.”

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