2686. Two souls, one body
© Bruce Goodman 6 April 2023

When he died Franz was pretty much blown away. He discovered he wasn’t one soul at all, but two. It was like twins but they shared the same body. It explained many things. For example, sometimes he could be patient and loving towards his wife, and sometimes he could be impatient and heartless.

Which one is me? was the first question he asked upon learning of this strange thing. The answer was, you are both. Apparently it is not an uncommon phenomenon.

Of course both had been married to Miranda during life on earth. He wondered when she would die so that they could be together again. He didn’t have to wait long; just a couple of years.

When Miranda passed away it was discovered that there was not just one of her. Not two of her either. There was eighteen of her.

“That explains a hell of a lot,” said Franz.

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