2685. Family dinner
© Bruce Goodman 5 April 2023

Natalie, stop complaining and eat your vegetables.

But I don’t like it Daddy.

You used to like your vegetables.

Ever since they changed the law and you are allowed to compost dead relatives, eating vegetables aren’t as enjoyable.

Oh for goodness sake. It was only grandma we composted and spread on the veggie garden. You’re behaving as if a whole truckload of bodies was spread on the garden.

I’m not going to eat my vegetables. It’s like eating Grandma. I can see why Grandpa hasn’t turned up for the evening meal. Where is he anyway? I haven’t seen him for a couple of days.

He went out. If you’re not going to eat your vegetables put them to the side and just eat the roast pork.

It doesn’t taste like pork.

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