2687. Soup
© Bruce Goodman 7 April 2023

Boniface and family lived next door to an unruly bunch of youths. Youths can be nice, but these weren’t. It was party, party, party.

Sad times came when Boniface was diagnosed with a terminal disease. The final hours had come. Boniface’s family gathered. The house next door turned up the volume of the Heavy Metal of which they were fans.

Mrs Abernethy, Boniface’s wife, went next door and politely asked if the volume could be turned down. Boniface was dying. Their reply will not be recorded on these pages. Suffice to say that the volume was turned up even louder. Boniface died. The funeral came and went.

A month or so later sad news came that one of the youths in the house next door had been killed in a car accident. Mrs Abernethy made a big pot of soup and took it over. “I would imagine you’ll be having lots of visitors,” she said.

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