About to transmogrify into the stained glass window

Mt. St. Mary’s,
Box 43,

Dear Mum & Dad,

Well, this is definitely my last letter from the Mount. We leave on the 2 p.m. “Endeavour” on Monday, & get into Wellington at 7.37 p.m. The 4 Deacons will be going down with us. Kevin Mowbray & I will be staying at the Home of Compassion, Island Bay, until the 22nd Nov., then we will shift to Aurora Terrace until the 3rd Dec. My address will be:-

Nov. 17th-Dec.3rd – 48 Aurora Tce, Wlgtn. 1.
Dec. 3rd-Dec.23rd – St Mary’s Presbytery, 373 Manchester St., Christchurch 1.

I should be home for Christmas because they are flying us home.

Tomorrow I’m going to have lunch with Thora. She will be picking me up at midday.

Yesterday I got my Heavy Driver’s Licence!

I think I will get someone here to freight my luggage directly to Silverstream in late January.

It was interesting to hear that Mark was confirmed by Bishop Sneddon. He is here at the moment. He came on Wednesday, & in the evening ordained 4 to the Diaconate. He is still in bed here, & is very ill, having had to cancel further engagements for the next day or two.

We had a very enjoyable couple of days at Camp. I went rabbit shooting, but missed the only rabbit I saw.

Well, this is me signing off from Mt. St. Mary’s!

Love from

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