My brothers - Tony, me, Rick, Leo

Mt. St. Mary’s,
P.O. Box 43,

Dear Mum & Dad,

Happy Birthday Mum!

Well it’s a relief to know where I am going next year. I got a letter from the Rector of Silverstream – Fr. Bliss. He asked me what units I had to date, any wishes I had for future university studies, & any preferences I had for teaching subjects. I wrote back & told him, but I didn’t have any preferences for teaching subjects – but will probably get something along the English-Music line.

We leave here on Nov. 17th for 2 weeks at Wellington Hospital. On Dec. 3rd I go down to Christchurch with Paul Donoghue to work in St. Mary’s Parish, Manchester St. until Christmas.

Then I will be on holiday until the opening of the school year. I hope to get home for Xmas day – probably on the 23rd or 24th, but it depends on the Parish Priest down there.

Here is a list of the Young Fathers’ appointments for 1976:-

Me - Silverstream.
Tony O’Connor - St. Mary of the Angels, Wlgtn.
Rob Devlin - Mt. Albert Parish, Auckland.
John Owens - St. Bede’s College, Chch.
Paul Donoghue - St. Bede’s College, Chch.
Michael Pervan - Whangarei Parish.
Barry Leech - Sacred Heart Parish, Hastings.

Michael Unverricht who was also ordained this year, but studied in Australia, is going to Timaru Parish. So you can see there are a lot going into parishes; but I am pleased about going into a school.

Pat Devlin is going to Pompallier College, Whangarei.

Yesterday I rang Thora & Skin, & I will probably go out to see them next week.

I think I’ve already told you that we’ve got exams this Thursday & Friday & then we’re finished. From Sunday to Wednesday the Young Fathers go out to Waimarama, & on Wednesday Bishop Sneddon is coming up to ordain the new lot of Deacons.

Then I have to pack 8 years of accumulated goods. I have a big tea chest. I think I might freight it home because if I send it to Silverstream too early it could get lost in the end of year college rush. It would be easy enough to get it from home to Silverstream later. I will let you know anyway.

Well I think that that’s all the news. These last 2 weeks will be very rushed. Time’s flying! I hope to write one more letter home from here, but just in case, I’d better say that this could be my last letter from the Mount!

Love from

My parents at the ordination

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