P.O. Box 43,
Mon. 2 Sept. ’74.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Well, I’m in a merry mood tonight! I’ve just finished my last Massey essay for the year, and have only the exams to do. It is a big relief to have the essays out of the way. The exam dates for Massey are:- October 24th, morning, for Pacific History (1/2 a unit), and November 6th, morning, for Modern European History (1/2 a unit). I will be getting diaconate sometime after the 6th Nov.

Tony O’Connor & Michael Pervan are getting finally professed this Sunday. I think I might have told you already.

Are Francie & Ron hoping to build on their section?

It was a shock to everyone about Mr. Kirk. We went down to Taradale earlier this evening for a Requiem Mass the parish was having.

Well, I’ve made the travel arrangements for going to the Seminar at Silverstream on “Proclaiming the Word”. The seminar is from Tuesday 9th Sept. to Thurs. 11th Sept. (noon). So I will be going down on the Monday. I am going with Rob Devlin now – Nisi ‘Ota’ota is not going now. We were to return on Friday 12th, but I said to Fr. Connolly, “There’s no use coming back here on the Friday because we will miss classes anyway. So I might as well come back on the Sunday.” So now I will be able to stay at home on Thursday Night, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!! And I will come back here on Sunday 15th. I will ring you sometime when I’m at Silverstream, to let you know what arrangements are for my getting home on Thursday. I might go into Wellington for a while on Thursday afternoon. But I will ring you anyway, so that we can work out the arrangement.

Tim Kenealy, from Paramata, is leaving tomorrow. He is in his fourth year.

Well, I think that that’s all the news.

See you soon I hope. I forgot to mention. Fr. Connolly said that if anything crops up, so that he might want me to come back on Friday instead of Sunday, then I’ll have to. He doesn’t think it will, but I mention it just in case something comes up that will mean me coming back here earlier. But it’s not likely.

Love from

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