Mt. St. Mary’s,
P.O. Box 43,
Taradale, H.B.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Goodness! It’s already a week since you rang. I meant to write that Saturday night, but time seems to be flying. I’m sorry I had to rush away but I was taking the Choir for a practice. Not that I minded you ringing of course!

Mr. & Mrs. Avery & Bernard & Bridget were up today. It was Paul’s 21st yesterday.

I wrote to Fr. Doogan.

Next week I don’t have to go to class but will have the week off for Recollection before Final Profession. The Final Profession Mass is at 9 a.m. on Easter Sunday. All Family is welcome, as I said before. It was marvellous to hear that so many are making the effort to come. I hope they all stay for Dinner too at Midday. Because of the numbers at Dinner, they can’t invite every friend & relation, so I wouldn’t be able to have Rod & Nola for example. But you are allowed your parents & brothers & sisters & inlaws, no matter how many! The Easter Vigil, if anyone wants to come, begins at 11 p.m. on Saturday evening.

Don’t forget to bring up Michael Pervan’s paintings & drawings if you can. I was wondering if Leo had developed any of the Kapiti Island & Rotorua photos he took. Also, could you bring any old “Parades”!

Life is extremely busy at the moment as Singing Master. Besides the Palm Sunday music, which was today, we’ve got to learn singing for:-

The Office on Holy Thursday Morning (1 hour).
The Holy Thursday Evening Mass (1 hour).
The Office on Good Friday Morning (1 hour).
The Good Friday Ceremony in the Afternoon (1 hr +).
The Stations of the Cross on Good Friday Night.
The Office on Holy Saturday Morning (1 hour).
The Easter Vigil (2 hours) (I’ll be playing the Organ probably).
The Profession Mass (1 hour).

And it’s all in parts! So it takes a lot of time, not only teaching, but finding out exactly what’s happening.

On top of this, the Schola is giving a concert at Napier Cathedral on April 26th, & we’re learning things for that. So I’ve practically done nothing but prepare singing classes for the last 3 weeks. What’s more, grape-picking kept interrupting, so we haven’t had much time.

I posted my 1st History Massey Assignment away yesterday. I’ve got another one to do before Easter; so it will be handy having classes off for the next week.

Fr. Minto, Rector of Silverstream, had a heart attack the other night. He’s alright now, but will be in hospital for a fortnight. Doctors say he will need a long period off work to recover properly. It’s getting that way that no one wants the job of Rector there, it’s too dangerous!

Well, I’d better get this posted.

Love from

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