Mt. St. Mary’s,
P.O. Box 43,
Taradale, H.B.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Well I’m sorry I never wrote earlier. I really enjoyed my holiday home.

Actually, I started to writ several weeks ago, with “Has Leo got any results yet?” But then I got your letter Mum, so I had to start again. Congratulations to Leo!

I have spent the last 3 weeks at Waimarama. About 30 of us have been learning Maori with Fr. Gupwell of Otaki. He is a tremendous teacher. We have another week of him to go & then we are left to work on by ourselves. Today, for a week, we begin a communications seminar. Fr. Coleman, the Broadcasting man from Chch. will be giving it.

We came in from Camp yesterday morning, & the 22 aspirants arrived in the afternoon – including Lawrence McNeill, Gavin Foster, Antony Dunn & Paul Avery… Frs. Cody, Frank Durning & Justin Taylor have also arrived on the staff, & Fr. Darcy Reader has replaced Fr. C. Duggan as Bursar.

At Waimarama we go the biggest trawl of fish for years. At 10 o’clock in the evening we went out and filled 10 sacks with kawai – also a barracoota! (can’t spell it). You were actually treading on the fish in the sea they were so thick. We only had the one trawl too. It took to 3 in the morning to finish cleaning the fish & although we gave a lot away, we were still eating fish a week later.

Well I think that’s all the news.

Love from

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