The family at Francie & Ron's wedding

Box 43,

Dear Mum & Dad,

I’m sorry for not having written earlier. At the moment I’m writing this in bed – thus the scrawl. I’ve caught a bug that’s going round. 12 others are also in bed with it – high temperature, chesty, sore joints, etc. I’ve been in bed since Saturday. 50 of the girls from St. Joseph’s Maori Girls are also in bed with it.

Thanks for everything during the Wedding, & for bringing me back on the Monday morning. I really enjoyed the whole weekend. I suppose Francie & Ron are back now. Tell France that I don’t expect a letter for the present!

Fr. Connolly has given me permission for the Cassette, although he said not to use the radio on it. I’ve been able to use the radio though while I’ve been in bed. The recorder is proving very useful – I’m using it all time – including for C.C.D.

As you can see, I’m not thinking very straight at the moment!

How was Leila?

Well, I’d better get this posted so as to catch this morning’s mail.

Love from

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