P.O. Box 43,
Taradale, H.B.
27th August ’72.

Dear Mum & Dad,

I am getting quite excited about the wedding. Especially when I saw the programme. Rev. Goodman looks funny doesn’t it!

Yesterday I played the organ at the farm manager’s daughter’s wedding. It was the same ceremony as France & Ron are going to have and is very good, Fr. Mannix officiated.

Fr. K. Roach, who teaches us History & Liturgy, has been appointed Director of Formation for the University Extension Scheme starting in Wellington next year.

I rang Nola last Tuesday & asked after Leila. She said that she is now recovering. I haven’t been able to get over yet.

You asked about a suit for me. The one I wore into the Seminary is not bad. I haven’t worn it much, but it still fits, and is not too much out of date. It is in good condition, so I’ll bring it home. Will I need to bring a soutane home at all?

Well I’d better go and get ready for St. Pat’s Town pupils. A group of them are spending a week of their august holidays out at Waimarama, & they’re coming for tea tonight.

Love from

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