P.O. Box 46,
Thurs. 20th July ’72.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Well, I’ve just got home from a day’s teaching. I took my first class today (not counting C.C.D. classes). It was a 3rd form English class. We did some Comprehension. It went alright. Tomorrow I have a 4th form biology class & another 3rd form English class. The biology class is on respiration. All the other classes during the week we have just observed other teachers in action. There are about 1,000 pupils at Hastings’ Boys High, & about 40 teachers. The teachers are all very helpful. They all know that we are from the Seminary, but the pupils think we’re from training college.

We only do the week’s teaching this year, but will do another week the year we get back from Varsity.

Today, because there’s no cup of tea provided in the staff room, Tony O’Connor & I took our sandwiches across the road to Leila’s. Leila had just got home from staying at Rod & Nola’s while they were on holiday. Tomorrow the 3 of us (Tony O’Connor, Tim McCann & I) have been invited to Leila’s for lunch, so we’re going then.

Apparently, when Rod & Nola got home & told 6 ½ yr. Beryl about the Wedding, she said, “I like staying at Motels. I have stayed there before you know. What frock do you think I should wear to the wedding?” So you can imagine what she’ll be like by September.

Ray’s name is Raymond Guilford.

On Wednesday I took school off & went to Lance Satchwell’s funeral instead. St. Pat’s in Napier was packed, & there was quite a crowd outside too. Mr. Satchwell wasn’t there – he’s in bed with broken ribs. Apparently he spent 12 hours trying to climb up a cliff, & kept falling down. But Mrs. Satchwell, & Michael, Paul, David & Rubena were there. I wore my soutane & surplice & was in the sanctuary. There were a lot of Springhill pupils there. Mr. & Mrs. Leach (who send their regards), Mr. & Mrs. Cheer & Raewyn, Mrs. McDonald, Bill Leach & his wife Vivienne & daughter Marie. They took me to the cemetery & then back into Napier. Terry Banner was also there. And there were a lot of Silverstream Old Boys. Apparently Lance was working on the farm this year, & they were just returning home from a game of golf.

Well, I must go & prepare tomorrow’s classes!

Love from

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