Mt. St. Mary’s
Mon. 12th June ’72.

Dear Mum & Dad,

This is the last page in my pad, so it’ll have to be a short letter.

At the moment I have a cold. There area lot with colds at the moment. However, I think I’m over the worst.

Yesterday I went for a bike ride with Phil Mahoney & Peter Head. We went to Hastings & had afternoon tea at Leila’s.

3 of the 4 deacons (Alan Woodcock, Hedley Aitken & Brian Wilson) left yesterday to do a week’s retreat at Highden before getting ordained next weekend. Brian Quin (the tall one) will be here for another week before making his retreat.

Major revision starts today. We have our first exam on Thursday (History), & then the other exams are scattered throughout the month. Next weekend, I spend out at Camp.

Dad, I meant to tell you last letter about the Champagne. Br. John said he’d like to, but it is not possible to provide for Francie’s Wedding as you asked me. They just don’t make enough! So I am sorry. Tell Tony that after 6 months I still haven’t got his wine (I suppose he’s only too well aware of the fact). He asked me for a dozen still red to be railed – does he still want them? The reason why I’ve been so long is that I’m waiting for Br. John to have on hand a bottle of his “Carbonet” which he doesn’t sell. So I’ll get it done soon – if he still wants it. (Though I can’t promise a bottle of carbonet).

Well – that’s all for this week.

Love from Bruce

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